About the website / author

THE LULZ PROJECT can simply be described as a collection of funny/interesting images, and it strives to be a little more than that. The main person behind this site is XERQ - I designed, optimized and coded basically everything you see here. If you have any questions or comments, please use the Contact subpage, or feel free to email me (hint: use the domain whois).

Brief History

This site began as a side project in July 2009 as a simple directory of images, which required unlinker to open them all at once. I started it originally as a way to learn about optimizing BSD servers with highly unpredictable traffic patterns, which was a similar problem I was working with at my day job at the time. Over the next few months, traffic kept going up and people were appreciating the monthly releases, so I created a /random/ script where the server would randomly pick images to view. Over time, it became even more popular and I added the thumbnail galleries so it would be easier to view on a slower connection. I kept optimizing the hell out of these scripts, since there were so many thumbnails the page was useless until they were all downloaded. This led to creating scripts to only load the thumbnails in view. The entire site has been rewritten many times, and is very different from when I first began this project.

Technical Goodies

The frontend is a mash of (x)HTML and jQuery. Client-side scripts depends on a fairly fast PHP framework that provides all the necessary inserting/updating. The frontend makes queries through the pseudo-API and generates pages on the client (which is annoying for SEO purposes, but is needlessly nice to the server).

The entire setup is running on a cluster of FreeBSD nodes hosted by SSD Nodes (located in Dallas, TX, USA). The FreeBSD nodes are running ZFS with SLC SATA III SSDs for caching.

Some software I use:

- FreeBSD 9.0 + ZFS
- Nginx web server (previously apache + varnishd)
- PostgreSQL


In closing, I want to say thanks to all the users who have supported me, gave me ideas and inspiration regarding THE LULZ PROJECT. Thank you OT'ers for keeping this place alive (you know who you are).